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Тоска по Лучшей Жизни

A Photo Exhibition based on "Letters to Eretz Israel" by Janusz Korczak being held at the College of Staten Island, NY.

After spending years working as the director of a Jewish orphanage in Warsaw, he refused sanctuary repeatedly and stayed with his orphans when the entire population of the institution was sent from the Ghetto to the Treblinka extermination camp, during the Grossaktion Warsaw of 1942.

Korczak understood clearly the terror that was coming to Europe. He understood what it meant to Jews in Poland. Changing social and political consciousness in Europe and Poland meant the collapse of hopes and everything he did in his life.

The exhibition is devoted to reflections about a person’s feelings who is forced to leave his motherland and his beloved work, knowing exactly that he will miss it in the other land.

КОРЧАК ясно осознавал надвигающийся на Европу ужас. Понимал, чем это грозит евреям Польши. Меняющееся общественно–политическое сознание – в Европе и в Польше - означало крах надежд и трудов всей его жизни.

История несостоявшегося возвращения.

Из писем Януша Корчака: "Письма в Эрец-Исраэль"

... Мы не даем вам Бога, ибо каждый из вас должен сам найти его в своей душе, на даем Родины, ибо ее вы должны обрести трудом своего сердца и ума...

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